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Womens Skull Grey Tank Top

Womens Skull Grey Tank Top

Who doesn’t love a powerful skull tank top on a hot sunny day to wear, showing off your badass style. Skulls have been a timeless symbol. Used as a good luck charm in many cultures, as they were believed to have the power to ward off diseases, while protecting those who wore them from evil spirits.


The most ambiguous of all symbols in history, yet most commonly recognized skull, is the skull and cross bone, or jolly roger . Pirates used to use the skull and crossbones symbol on their ships flag to identifier as a symbol to strike fear into their enemy. It still causes fear when seen at sea.


In Eastern cultures, both the skull and skeleton represent death, making people feel atrocious. In western cultures, they represent void, and terrifying people in a similar way. Facing another person’s skull can be undoubtedly terrifying. Maybe you’re looking at yourself?


Skulls have been fashioned as jewelry for many periods of history. Skull rings in the past were fashioned from jawbones. Gaining ever growing popularity that ages have embraced with style and enchanted designs. The skull is one of the most commonly used signs in the fashion industry. Look at Conquered Kings as well, we use a skull in our design. Of course, our skull being King… or Queen. The trendy icon can be universally used on all different types of apparel and is versatile in style and meaning and appeal. That’s what makes this tank top so great. Show off your rebel side and display your love of skulls and bad-ass-ory.


o Ladies Racerback Tanks

o 30 Single

o 4.3 oz.

o 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton, Soft-Washed.

o Athletic Heather is 85/15 Cotton/Viscose.

o Tear Away Label

o Ultra Soft Hand

o Side-Seamed

o Tightly Knit

o Superior Printability

    PrecioDesde 29,00$
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